Studio Classes

Offerings at The Space Between

I have been teaching with The Space Between since 2020, offering regular scheduled classes and workshops.  Currently I teach a Monday morning and Sunday evening class and will have upcoming offerings detailed here.

‘Mindful Flow’, Monday’s  10am 

A mid morning practice offering you space and time to tune in. We will include meditation, breath practices and mindful movements to help you to create a sense of ease, strength and freedom in your body and mind. Supported through nervous system reset practices and relaxation techniques to allow you to optimally process and integrate.Movements will be focused, purposeful and sequenced to enhance your awareness and understanding of your body and Yoga postures.

These classes will be ideal for individuals who wish to enhance and expand their learning and experience on the mat.

‘The Connected Flow’ Sunday 5.15pm

These Sunday sessions will be a week ‘end’ treat for your whole system, allowing you to replenish and rest.
With an holistic approach to your practice and time on your mat, Naomi will guide you through movement, meditation and breathwork practices that will calm your nervous system, create embodied presence and give you the opportunity to connect to serving your optimal well being.

The practices will be gentle and soothing in their approach and suitable for all levels


Upcoming Masterclass and CPD Immersion


June 16th 2024
‘Care for Care’


‘We can cultivate our Yoga and practices to care for us while we nurture and build our capacity to care for ourselves, each other and the world’

Whether you are on a path of dedication and care for your own personal growth or you are caring for the needs of others, this workshop will be an invitation to feel cared for.

This workshop will be an opportunity to learn and experience tending to your nervous system with care in times of crisis, conflict and challenges. The space will be held to tend to the needs of your body, mind and spirits and acknowledging how these times are landing in and affecting your system. Individually and collectively we can process and learn to cultivate the capacity to act and engage in the world and with each other from a regulated, resourced and rested centre. When the times demand that we upskill, unlearn and learn, we can do so in ways that feel sustainable, purposeful and nourish rather than diminish our spirits

This workshop will include mindful dialogue, listening and sharing with each other. The movement will be gentle, restorative in nature with the inclusion of Yoga and somatic based practices. There will be breath practices, stillness and time for relaxation and rest.


My intention for you and all in this workshop is to connect the links between our practices on our mats and how we feel in the world.

‘The Connected Practice’
A Nervous System Informed teacher training Immersion
A 30 hour (YACEP)

Are you a dedicated practitioner or teacher who wants to have a deeper understanding of your own practice and the role your nervous system plays in enabling you to receive and implement the intrinsic benefits available?

Bridging the connection between modern science, ancient teachings and your own felt experience, this training will support you to develop clarity and insight into how your nervous system influences your physicality, your energetics, and your sense of presence.

We will dive into the theory while using asana, meditation and pranayama to explore
the specific tools and practices in Yoga to help regulate, ground, empower and create resilience in your own system and for those you teach.

This training is about understanding the person behind the pose, what inner experiences can be at play and enriching the why of your offerings.

If you wish…
– to truly feel grounded and connected to your practice and your students as you teach,
– to integrate and implement appropriate and informed practices, poses or sequences
– to offer and share experiences in your classes that are welcoming, accessible and inclusive….then this training immersion is for you.This training will include an immersive Yoga practice for you each day, theoretical learning and practical teaching experience and feedback. You will receive a certificate of completion and hours towards your continuous education.


The inspiration and intention of this Immersion:

Naomi has created this immersive experience to fill a gap between the what and how of your teaching or practice and understand your why. Looking at your practice through the lens of your nervous system will give you insight into the affects of various methods and modalities.

No one practice works for everyone all of the time, but by learning more about your nervous system, you will develop a greater understanding for what serves your needs and what can help others.

This training offers an opportunity to develop awareness, sensitivity, and ultimately compassion for how you show up on your mat both as a practitioner and a teacher.


Dates: Coming 2024