New Years ‘Invitation’ Thurs. January 4th Fumbally Stables



Thursday Evening January 4th 2024


Join this very special New Year’s class in the beautiful location of the Fumbally Stables.  The evening will be an invitation to move in ways that feel rejuvenating and restorative at this time of year, to reflect, connect to your own intentions and to relax.

This class will be created to feel like a welcome space of coming home to your own experience and to give you moments to start your year intentionally and with purpose.

The movements will include Yoga and Somatic practices and will be accessible for all levels of practitioner and for varying levels of your mood or energy.  We will include time to reflect, relax and create some space for starting your year with invitations rather than any sense of pressure or obligations.

Location: The Fumbally Stables

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6 week course 7.15pm, Drop in Pass, 4 week 'Reset' Mondays 7.15pm, 8 week 'Reset' Mondays 7.15pm


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