One To One Sessions

One To One Sessions

One to One Sessions are a great way to get specific and focused on your needs.  i have worked with many individuals over the past decade through private sessions to offer holistic and dedicated support.  If you feel you are ready to get started, you can see below some of the ways one to one sessions can help you in your practice and your well being.

‘I really enjoyed my 1:1 yoga classes with Naomi. I learned so much about alignment and how to open up certain parts of my body that I didn’t think we’re able to move in particular ways. I really enjoyed the strengthening aspects of the classes and how Naomi built up to poses slowly over a few classes. I also attended some lovely outdoor classes with Naomi which were really lovely and provided lots of options depending on your ability or mood. I look forward to doing more 1:1 in the near future and thank you Naomi for reigniting my love of yoga’ Helen, 20201

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Movement Focused

These sessions can help you really get to the heart of your movement. Learn correct alignment, correct technique, improve your strengths and work on your weaknesses.

You will receive direct attention and feedback that may not always be possible in a full class setting. These sessions will benefit those who have experienced injuries, who wish to prevent injuries, or who generally wish to improve movement, strength, and flexibility.

Through a couple of sessions and setting out a home practice plan, you will be given the correct tools and knowledge to improve overall physical well-being.

Mental wellbeing and soulful Connection

These sessions are more therapeutic in approach. Focusing on meditative techniques, breath practices and restorative movements, these sessions will give you some time to slow down, unwind and find some pause.

If you desire some focused attention, a dedicated space to relieve stress, or address specific patterns of tension, Naomi will kindly and compassionately provide guidance and you will be given a holistic and healing offering to support you at this time.


Whether you are a teacher or a student and looking for some motivation, inspiration, and accountability, these sessions will be designed around offering you space to get out of stagnation, repetition, or feeling directionless.

We all need some ‘Tapas’ to get our motivation, enthusiasm, and fire burning to sustain ourselves and maintain love for what it is we are doing, how we are living and working.

Working with movement, meditation, and reflection, Naomi will help reorient you and create space for you to connect to the heart of what matters to you.

Pre and Post Natal

If you are currently pregnant or postpartum, these sessions will help you address your specific needs. Whether you are experiencing physical discomforts with pregnancy, round ligament or pelvic girdle pain, or you want to learn more about how to move in a way that supports you and baby, strengthening your pelvic floor or addressing posture.

In postpartum so many individual and unique sensations can arise from birth with your pelvic floor and abdominals or occurrence of diastasis recti. We can look at all of the aspects of your healing, recovery, rebuilding and restrengthening post birth as well as the emotional and spiritual support you may need at this time.

Let’s Work Together

Naomi aims to always create an atmosphere where individuals can feel inspired, inter connected and a part of something bigger.

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