Lucybloom is a Dublin based Yoga teacher, she found Yoga many years ago while living a hectic lifestyle in London. After years as a make-up artist in both the fashion industry as well as tv and film, spending so much time focusing on the exterior she decided to shift that focus inward. She left Ireland to spend some time in India and trained as a Yoga Teacher. She now teaches regularly in Dublin and leads retreats with her collaboration The Yoga Feed.

It was great to get to sit down with Lucy and talk about Yoga and health and particularly Women’s health, in which Lucy is now focusing much of her work and study on.

In this podcast episode, we chat about;

-Her background and changing careers

-Her interest in feminism and the feminist movement

-Her views on women’s health and how women can become more in tune and aware of their needs

-Her experience with depression

-Addressing causes for symptoms over ‘fixes’ in the short term

and much more.



Recommended Books:
Little Women
Yoni Shakti by Una Dinsmore Tuli