I first met Lou way back when going to Yoga classes in Dublin. Lou’s name has become synonymous with Women and Yoga. She is a highly experienced Yoga teacher and currently runs classes from her beautiful home shed studio.

In this episode Lou and I chat about;

-Lou’s teaching with a focus on women, areas of Yoga that are underdeveloped and under written.

-The Red Tent in the past as the touchstone in the community.

-Her journey with her own practice where she came to realise the lack of offering and awareness of what Women’s bodies needed.

-Women’s lives constantly getting busier and a striving for perfection

-Learning as Women to say No, moving into ‘Self ‘Centered-ness’ and power.

-Pregnancy as an opportunity to become Embodied.

-The practice of shedding, creating an intimacy with ‘The Big Letting Go’

-Positive Birth Experiences

-Women’s sexual power

Marianne Williamson: https://marianne.com/
Germaine Greer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Germaine_Greer