John Belton is a Dublin based business owner of his renowned training facility No.17 P/T. He has been working and involved in the business of fitness since 2004, and in that time seen a lot of changes personally and professionally. He is co-owner of ‘Flow State’ and runs his own podcast ‘Success Stories’.

I first met John in 2012, I have taught in his facilities, trained with him for a period of time, and he has spoken and coached on a number of events I’ve organised. He is someone I feel has a great deal of knowledge and insight to share and always comes across as very passionate and caring about the work he does.

We sat down in January and chatted about;

-HIs background and frustrations with the fitness industry

-The bell curve for wellbeing and how health should be part of your life

-Living to your true self in making business decisions

-What is burnout and stress

-John’s personal experience with burnout and coming out the other side

-Flow State and finding moments of potential

-Self Awareness

and lots more.


You can find out more about John at