Elements Approach

My approaches and methods have evolved over the years and I continually challenge myself personally to integrate relevant knowledge, societal shifts and what is working into all of my classes.

My approach fuses the elements I feel are integral to our capacities to live our lives fully. At the heart of my offerings are Movement, Mental Well being and Soulful Connection.

Naomi aims to always create an atmosphere where individuals can feel inspired, inter connected and a part of something bigger.

Your Movement

We believe pain free and injury free can be your natural state.  We want to be able to move with ease, with the ability to challenge, play and of course have a little fun.  Naomi has trained extensively in the realms of Yoga, Movement and a wide variety of physical modalities.

Your Mind

Mental well being is paramount to a life that feels easeful and joyful, We want you to find moments of calm, focus, awareness and clarity during practices. Naomi has trained in Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychotherapy and trauma informed practices.

Your Connection

Everything we do is interconnected with others and the environment around us. The name Elements was born from this understanding of our connection to nature and how when we recognise our connections we feel a greater sense of the bigger picture perspective in Life.

Prenatal Yoga