I first got to know Clare online, as I worked with her through creative explorations over the course of a year. The first time we met in person was recording this podcast and it was a real treat.

Clare is a true lady and she inspires me in her way with words and her perspective on life.

In this episode Clare and I chat about;

-Clare’s perspective on social change

-Concept of internal and external change

-Self Care

-Seasons and our relationship to them

-Soul Centric Growth

-Yoga, Sea Swimming, relationship to ourselves and nature

-How to inform change

-The power of stories

-Considering death as a daily practice

-Meaning of words


-Crafting Narratives

-The learning process

-The wolf you choose to feed


Books mentioned:
Soul Craft-Bill Plotkin
Walk out Walk on- Margaret Wheatley
One Wild Life-Clare Mulvany (Video of Clare speaking on her book, and reading extracts HERE)