Anthony is a Coru registered Physical Therapist & trained with ‘Anatomy in Motion’ whose approach and practice is probably different from what you’re used to.

Anthony offers a bespoke service, and help you to move better so that you can free yourself from pain, increase performance and promote long term health.

It was great to get to chat with Anthony about all things physical health and more…

We chat about;

  • Anthony’s background and journey to working with people an their physicality
  • What a physical therapist is traditionally seen as
  • His curiosity and desire to learn not just want his handed down but through self inquiry and experience
  • Anatomy in Motion and how that has shaped how he works now
  • The body being the ultimate healer and empowering people to take ownership of their own health
  • The necessity to improve our levels of interoception
  • The importance of daily practices
  • What is ‘movement’ really?

Enjoy the chat 🙂

You can find out more about Anthony at


Wake Your Body Up!

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