About Me

Hi, I am Naomi

As far back as I can remember I have been asking questions and seeking ways to well being.  I have a deep understanding that being oneself may not always feel easy.

My aim is to offer practices and rituals for you to find ease, to enjoy moving, to cultivate self awareness and make the choices that feel natural and true to you.

It’s time to be Naturally YOU, and sometimes to do that we need a little support, encouragement and connection along the way.

Your Movement

We believe pain free and injury free can be your natural state. 

Your Mind

Mental well being is paramount to a life that feels easeful and joyful.

Your Connection

Everything we do is interconnected with others and the environment around us.

What We Offer

Enjoy In Person

Specialised One to One Sessions

Focused and tailored to your specific needs,whether it is movement related, progressing your practice, pre and post natal or mentoring.

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Community Classes

In person Outdoor and Indoor Classes in Dublin 8

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Studio Classes

Join me at The Space Between studio.

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Enjoy Online

Elements Online Hub

Is your boar rocking and swaying with the waves of the ocean? Allow for calmer waters through a sobtle commitment of peace and acceptance.

  • Pre Natal Course
  • Post Natal Course
  • Start With You Course

Naomi Podcast

Heart of the Matter Podcast

Discussions and Conversations on Yoga, society shifts and changes, mental health, physical health, creativity, careers and life. This Irish podcast aims to dig deeper and get to the heart of the matter on who we are, and why we are doing what we do.

You can subscribe to the podcast and make sure to RATE and comment with your reviews


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